Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic

Fear Free Certified in-home veterinary care and training in Sanford, NC
Expert guidance for people sharing their home with multiple pets
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Veterinary Solutions

  • One convenient home visit for all your pets

  • Wellness Plans

  • Fear Free Certified


Training Solutions

  • Fear Free Certified

  • Group Classes

  • Private in-home behavior and training 

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Multi-Pet Management Solutions

  • Specific training for multiple pets

  • Management for keeping the peace

  • Practical tips 

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Home Management Solutions

  • Home-tested products and service recommendations

  • Life with many pets

About Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic

We started as a typical house call veterinary service in 2017.  We quickly realized that our customers need us for two main reasons: they have a pet who is fearful of veterinary care or doesn't do car rides well, or they have a lot of pets.  We love helping both kinds of families who use our services. 

Everyone at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is Fear Free Certified, meaning we are each specifically qualified to provide special care for pets who have fears of veterinary care.  Fear Free is an educational platform that teaches all types of animal handlers how to recognize the signs of fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) and how to alleviate it.  By using a combination of Positive Reinforcements, Classical Conditioning, Medications, Behavior Modification, and Training, we can help pets relax and even enjoy veterinary care.  Fear Free is the single most important movement in veterinary care since vaccinations.  Many veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, trainers, groomers, and practices are embracing Fear Free.  It only makes sense; we are in the animal care business to help animals, not to cause them duress!  

Despite the fact that almost all cat owners have more than one cat, and more than 30% of dog owners have multiple dogs, there isn't any framework that addresses the special needs of these families.  Which is weird, right?  We decided to apply what we learned from our fabulous customers and create that framework so all people with multiple pets benefit.  

Multiple Pet Home
Framework for Success

Convenient Affordable Veterinary Care.  For our lucky Sanford NC clients, having all of their pets seen at home during one visit, thus eliminating multiple trips to a vet clinic, is the ultimate convenience.  Our Wellness Plans with optional monthly payments make the care predictable in cost, and affordable.  After the comprehensive exam and consultation, we collaborate with you to optimize your pet's preventive care according to their individual risks, diet, physical health, behavior and emotional well-being, and environmental health.  You'll get detailed, easy-to-understand, actionable ways to help your pets live longer, happier, healthier lives.  

Training and Behavior Medicine.  Positive reinforcement (R+) is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to communicate your expectations for behavior to your pet (and humans).  Simply put, R+ makes the receiver more likely to increase the behaviors that are rewarded, and less likely to repeat the behaviors that are not rewarded.  Our  Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and Mentor Jael conducts group and private, in-person and online training courses to teach you how to train your pet in the Fear Free way.  After all, training is supposed to improve your relationship with your pet.

If your pet has a behavior problem, and you're in the Sanford NC All area, we can help.  Did you know that 15% of behavior problems in pets are due to medical problems?  That's why we always start with a thorough exam and lab work.  There's no point in undertaking a behavior modification program if your pet simply needs to be treated for a medical condition.  If your pet does need behavior modification, we can help.  

Multiple Pet Management.  Managing the needs of multiple pets can be a challenge.  We're here to help from beginning to end, choosing your second dog or cat, through introductions, keeping the peace through creative management and training, and coping with the loss of one of the pets.    

Home Management.  You know when you add a second pet to your home, and you think "I can easily double the amount of work I'm putting into this" then you realize that the second pet is actually 10x the work?!  Everything from cleaning and feeding, to going on vacation and having guests visit is more expensive and more complicated when you have more than one pet.  Not only that, but your kids and significant other aren't helping as they promised.  We can help.  Our clients have found ways to achieve peace and harmony in their homes, and we've curated their collective wisdom.  

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