About Us

The purpose of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is to revolutionize everything about how veterinary care is delivered by nurturing relationships with pets, clients, employees, colleagues, and communities.  We firmly believe that pets are happier to receive veterinary care in the comfort of their home, and that all pets deserve that comfort.  We know that pets receive better care when clients are in a trusting, respectful, understanding, and fun relationship with the veterinary care team.  Employees with a stellar work-life balance, awesome compensation, who are developed to be the best versions of themselves bring nothing but happiness and excellence in all of their work.  In an era of intense competition and corporate takeovers of veterinary practices, we bring collaboration to local practices for our mutual benefit.  Each relationship strengthens us, inspires us to be better, and brings us joy. As our company grows, our relationships will inspire the change that is needed across the veterinary industry, for the benefit of the entire pet-loving community.  

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How to Become a Family Member

We're looking for people who want to join us in our mission of enhancing relationships between pets, people, and the community.  

To get started as a new client, please call or email Ms Angel.  She will get some basic information to register you and your pets, then email you a New Client from and a New Patient form for each of your pets.  These forms must be completely filled out and returned to us prior to scheduling your appointment.  This really helps us understand your family so we can serve you and your pets better.  We will contact your previous veterinarian to obtain your pet's complete medical history.  You may have to contact your previous vet to authorize the release of the records- we'll let you know.  After reviewing your pet's history, understanding your pet's lifestyle, and preparing for their Fear Free care, Ms. Angel will contact you to schedule the appointment.  This process may take a few days.  

Current clients with new pets also complete a New Patient form.  

You will receive email and text messages reminding you about your appointment.  Please confirm the appointment so we know that you didn't forget.  Because of the extremely large number of people who want to be our clients, we had to institute a one-strike rule where if you cancel the appointment within 24 hours without a DARN good reason, or we show up to an empty house, you will not be allowed to reschedule the appointment- ever.  Sorry but we are booking appointments 3-4 weeks in advance as it is.  Someone else would have loved to have their pet seen in the time wasted by a no-show or late cancellation.  

Our Vision Statement

Family: It’s not just our name, it’s how we do things.

From the core of our existence, we focus on the enhancing the relationships that sustain joy in our lives, both individually and between our company and the world community.


We provide relationship-based veterinary care to pets in the comfort of their own home throughout the Sanford and Southern Pines areas of North Carolina. The services we offer allow us to help prevent and manage diseases and conditions so that pets live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.


Our company serves the lives of our client families, our company family, and our community.  


Serving our Client Families  Providing veterinary preventative care, behavior medicine, and chronic disease management from a whole health perspective with the focus on the relationship between the pets, each other, and their family.  Our personal care means that clients always speak to the people who are caring for their pet.  


Serving our Family Members Veterinarians, Registered Veterinary Technicians (equivalent to Nurses), Veterinary Assistants (equivalent to CNAs) earn approximately HALF that of human counterparts, despite the same length of education, the same cost of education, and much harder skills.  Think about it. The only species on the entire planet that someone in the veterinary field can NOT treat is human.  Yet despite all that knowledge and care, we are paid half of what doctors and nurses who can only treat one species are paid, based on industry averages.

Not only that, but veterinarians and veterinary technicians are 3-5 times more likely than the general population to commit suicide.  10% of veterinarians and veterinary technicians are suffer severe psychological distress. The CDC points to economic distress, bullying especially cyberbullying, burnout, social isolation (due to working long hours, on-call duties, etc.), lack of professional support especially for solo vets, lack of training in dealing with stressors, perfectionism, and so many other things.  


Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic calls bullcrap.  It doesn't have to be this way. 

And it's not that way here.  When you sign on to be our customer, you are helping support our vets and techs with much better than industry average pay, way more generous than industry average paid time off, super benefits, and a  darned supportive boss.  All of our employees are given the resources they need to succeed professionally and personally.  In return, you get happy vets and techs who are professionally and personally supported in providing the best they can offer for each and every interaction.  We don't pay on commission like many corporate owned practices because we believe in quality over quantity.  We measure outcomes, not dollars produced.  We keep our employees longer than the industry average of 5 years.  In fact, 50% of RVTs leave the profession entirely after 5 years, 38% due to low salary.  FYI, the average RVT in NC makes about $23k per year, full-time with minimal benefits, which is not even a living wage.  We have committed to paying each full-time employee at least a living wage, with retirement benefits, stellar paid time off (4-6 weeks, depending on their length of service), outstanding continuing education, and much more.  It's time to end the insanity in the vet field.  

Serving our Communities FVMC is committed to social and economic justice.   We are a firm believer in diversity and inclusion for people of all colors, races, religions (creed), ethnic origins, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, etc.  in all aspects of our business.  We provide access for high-quality veterinary services for pet owners with mobility or transportation concerns, as well as payment plans for those who need a way to budget care.  


Serving our Profession  Recognizing that we limit our services, we form partnerships with local veterinary practices so our patients and clients can be served at any time and for any service they need.  This is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances the client experience as well as the care the pet receives.  It also bucks current trends of practices seeing each other as competition instead of colleagues.  Cooperation ensures the patient is treated by the most capable veterinary team possible, improving patient outcomes.  In this we endeavor to raise up not just FVMC but also every veterinary practice so we can all enjoy the benefits of better relationships.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why House Calls?

  • Your pets are more comfortable at home.  

  • You don't have to go back and forth to the vet clinic, saving you time to do more important and fun things.  We save multiple pet families a ton of time by seeing all your pets in one convenient home visit.

  • Many pets don't like car rides.  I'm looking at you especially, kitty cats!

  • The better we understand your pets in their own environment, the better help we can give you.

  • Your pet care team is able to devote their complete attention to just you and your pet.  We aren't distracted or interrupted by things going on in the hospital. 

  • No other animals around to stress out your pet.

  • Better exam results.  Seriously.  Stressed pets have higher heart rates, higher respiratory rates, higher temperatures, and tense muscles and abdomens making proper palpation and assessment difficult at best.  

  • Your pet care team isn't rushed trying to see as many patients as possible every day so they can pay for that beautiful hospital and all the expensive equipment.  

  • You get to stay with your pet for everything, providing comfort and treats.  We never take your pet away from you.  If you are uncomfortable with certain procedures, like getting blood samples, we'll warn you beforehand so you have time to leave the room temporarily.  

  • House calls are especially easy on pets and people with mobility issues.  

  • Better for the environment.  Instead of a bunch of employees and all the clients driving back and forth to the vet clinic, we use just one vehicle to see all of our patients.  And there's no clinic, saving all that energy too!

  • You get to tell all your friends that your vet sees your pet in your home.  They'll be so jealous! (Give them our card.)

  • We're not into the pharmaceutical business.  While we carry urgently needed medications such as pain relievers, ear and skin treatments, and sedatives,  we partnered with Covetrus, our online pharmacy, to deliver long-term medications such as heartworm prevention and flea/tick control right to your door at competitive prices.  

  • As a house call practice, we are pretty useless in case of emergency.  We simply don't have the equipment or time in the schedule to help pets suffering an emergency or urgent care situation.  Our arrangements with local brick-and-mortar clinics ensure that your pet is treated by excellent caregivers in a timely manner.  If we refer you to our colleagues or if you go to an emergency center, please let us know so we can obtain the records and follow up with you.  

  • Your pets' complete medical records are always available through our online portal.  Just click the big button on the top of the page that says "Pet Portal"  to access it!


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Otis and Family enjoying their visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

Just call or text Ms. Angel at 800-993-7941, or email her at MsAngel.familyvetmobile@gmail.com

If applicable, Ms. Angel will email a new patient information form that has to be returned to us before the appointment can be scheduled.  

Sorry but we had to disable the online scheduler because it just wasn't working out :(

How much does it cost for just a rabies shot?

Our practice provides comprehensive preventive care for families who want to optimize their pet's overall health.   We only administer rabies vaccines in conjunction with a wellness package, which includes the exam, all vaccines your pet needs, fecal parasite test, and a heartworm test for dogs, starting at $169 plus the house call fee.  If you just want a rabies shot, there are plenty of rabies clinics available for you to take your pet.

You don't come to my area.  Can I meet you in a parking lot?

We don't have a mobile veterinary clinic.  It's just Dr. Meghan's personal Jeep Wrangler.  So no, that won't work at all!  You'll just have to wait for us to expand our service area, sorry.

When you say "in my home" do you really mean that?

Yes.  By "in your home" we mean in your living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.  With a temperature-controlled climate, access to electrical sockets, decent lighting, chairs for Dr. Meghan and Chelsea, and some room to work.  Large dogs are fine on the floor; we can usually sit cats and small dogs next to us on the chair/sofa if they're allowed on the furniture.  We can also work with outbuildings if they fit the general requirements but only if we can pull our Jeep right up to it.  We are not slogging across fields with 5 bags of equipment!  

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can take cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit.  We do not accept checks.  We also offer an automatic monthly payment option for our Right Start Puppy and Kitten Packages, and for our Plus, Premium, and Ultimate Wellness Packages.  

My pet gets really distressed for veterinary visits.  Can you help?

Absolutely!  Everyone at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is Certified Fear Free, which means we take extra special care of our patients who are anxious, nervous, or even aggressive for veterinary care.  We can provide medications for you to give prior to our visit to help your pet relax.  If they are still too anxious, we can fully sedate them.  What we will NEVER do is wrestle your pet or force them to submit because we LOVE animals and would never treat them so mean!  Jael, our Animal Behavior Consultant and trainer, can help solve any behavior problem, even if your pet is just nervous for vet care and/or grooming.  She also do basic training for puppies and adult dogs so your pet can get off to the right start!

I just gotta know, why do you only perform euthanasias on your current patients?

Making the decision to euthanize a beloved family member is never easy.  We want to help families through this process as much as possible.  That means knowing and understanding your family as well as having a deep understanding of your pet's condition.  When we all come to the conclusion that euthanasia is the right choice, it should be carried out with honor and caring.  We made the decision to limit our euthanasia service to families we know, so that each and every one is done with the knowledge and compassion that all families deserve.  

If you have any other questions about us or our services, please feel free to contact us.  We'll get back to you by the end of the next business day.