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Meghan Ellis, DVM
Owner of FVMC

Even before I wanted to be a veterinarian, I have had a burning desire to have my own business.  For the first 20 or so years of my life, that business was going to be an architectural firm, but I discovered early in my college career that I really dislike drafting.  Thus my life-long dream ended.  

I fell into veterinary medicine because I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and had things narrowed down to "something with plants" or "something with animals."  Then my iguana Lee-Zard got sick, the vet who initially saw her was downright awful, and I thought "Damn, I can do this much better than she does!"

Long story short, I graduated from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 with a concentration in zoological medicine.  I worked in a high volume low cost mixed animal practice for 4 years, then opened Family Veterinary Hospital in Sanford, NC.  

To be honest, the Hospital wasn't really satisfying my dream.  It was a fine hospital, we did a lot of good work there.  But the idea of trying to be an expert in preventive care, internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, and emergency medicine, and providing all of those services 70+ hours per week, just wore me out.  I didn't feel like an expert in anything except burnout!

So I ended up closing the hospital and focusing on what I love most- relationship-based care for preventive medicine, treatment of chronic conditions, and behavior.  I quickly realized that I didn't need much equipment or even a building to do those things, so Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic was born.

The goal of the business is nothing short of changing how veterinary care is delivered.  By providing high-value services at a cost similar to vaccine clinic prices, but removing the transportation, convenience, stress, and mobility issues that plague both clients and pets, we can assure that more pets get the preventive care they need and deserve.  

Because of our low overhead, we can pay our veterinarians and technicians much better, thus reducing the severe financial stress caused by ungodly education debt and low wages.  We also ensure that all of our Family Members (employees) enjoy plenty of time with their own families by limiting our workweek to 4 days per week.  And we partner with local clinics for the care that we can't provide- emergency, critical care, surgery, and dentistry.  In this way, we can ensure that all pets have access to high quality care, no matter what they need, or when they need it.  

Join our Family, and help us make veterinary care better for clients, pets, and the professionals who provide it!

Dr. Meghan cuddling in the sun with her heart-dog, Tatyana.

Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic Vision Statement


Family: It’s not just our name, it’s how we do things.  


From the core of our existence, we focus on the enhancing the relationships that sustain joy in our lives, both individually and between our company and the world community. 


We provide relationship-based veterinary care to pets in the comfort of their own home throughout central North Carolina. The services we offer allow us to help prevent and manage diseases and conditions so that pets live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.  


Serving our Client Families: providing veterinary preventative care, behavior medicine, and chronic disease management from a whole health perspective with the focus on the relationship between the pet and their family.  You can call us 24/7 and we'll help you get the care your pet needs.  We never want a client to feel alone in the care of their pet.  


Serving our Family Members: providing our members with the education, training, equipment, support, as well as above average compensation and a stellar work schedule to ensure they can enjoy their relationships outside of work and have the excellent quality of life they deserve.  Our company is built from the ground up, with the people who are delivering care and providing services directing what protocols, equipment, training, etc. are needed to serve the patients, clients, veterinarians, and company better.    


Serving our Communities: FVMC is committed to social and economic justice.  Just like most professions, the veterinary field suffers from a gender wage gap of approximately 21%.  The entire industry struggles with low pay, long hours, and increased stress.  Therefore FVMC pays 21% more on average than the published compensation for the field despite working 4 days per week.  We are a firm believer in non-discrimination based on color, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, etc.  in all aspects of our business.  


Our company is transparent in its operations.  Our family members have access to our total company and their own location financial statements.  We share our in-house research through both peer-reviewed journal articles and newsletters so that all veterinary practices, clients, and patients may benefit.  


Recognizing that we limit our services, we form partnerships with local veterinary practices so our patients and clients can be served at any time and for any service they need.  Partnerships with  multiple providers ensures every pet always receives the best care available. 

Chelsea Seguine, RVT

I’ve had a passion for animals and knew I wanted to work with them since I was 4 years old. I have worked in veterinary medicine since high school. After working at PetSmart, I’ve been a veterinary assistant/technician for about 18 years. I moved to NC from NJ in 2010 to pursue my career and goal of tech school. I graduated from Gaston College Vet Med program in 2013 and have been a registered vet tech since 2014.  I have a dog named Bear and we enjoy hiking & camping. I enjoy volunteering for a church organization and visiting NC State Parks.