Why House Calls are AWESOME

  • Your pets are more comfortable at home.  

  • You don't have to go back and forth to the vet clinic, saving you time to do more important and fun things.  If you have multiple pets, you can save a TON of time by having us take care of all of them in one visit.  

  • Many pets don't like the car ride.  I'm looking at you especially, kitty cats!

  • The better we understand your pets in their own environment, the better help we can give you.

  • Your pet care team is able to devote our complete attention on just you and your pet.  We aren't distracted or interrupted by things going on in the hospital. 

  • No other animals around to stress out your pet.

  • Better exam results.  Seriously.  Stressed pets have higher heart rates, higher respiratory rates, higher temperatures, and tense muscles and abdomens making proper palpation and assessment difficult at best.  

  • Your pet care team isn't rushed trying to see as many patients as possible every day so they can pay for that beautiful hospital and all the expensive equipment.  

  • You get to stay with your pet for everything, providing comfort and treats.  During this stupid global pandemic most vet practices are not allowing clients into the clinic, you have to wait outside in your car.  Nobody likes that, especially your pet!

  • House calls are especially easy on pets and people with mobility issues.  

  • Better for the environment.  Instead of a bunch of employees and all the clients driving back and forth to the vet clinic, we use just one vehicle to see all of our patients.  And there's no clinic, saving all that energy too!

  • You get to tell all your friends that your vet sees your pet in your home.  They'll be so jealous! (Give them our card)

About Our House Calls

We end the frustration and stress of taking pets to a veterinary hospital for most care by coming right to your living room.  We can do anything that is normally done in an animal hospital exam room, including examinations, blood work, urinalysis, cytology.  Most urgently needed medications such as pain control medications, ear and skin relief, and antibiotics, are available in your home as well.  

Prior to our first visit with you, we'll obtain your pets records from the previous veterinarians.  That way we know your pet's medical history, when they are due for vaccinations (we never over-vaccinate), and if there are any significant changes between their last exam and our exam.  

The house call starts with you confining your pets to a room where there is nowhere for them to be out of reach a few minutes ahead of our visit (we'll let you know if we're running early or late, but that's pretty rare).  If your pet is crate trained, that works too, but we don't want to stress your pet by using a crate if they are not happy in one.  Cats do very well in a bathroom.  Bedrooms don't typically work for cats because they'll hide under the bed where we can't reach them.  

When we arrive, we'll start by setting up all of our stuff in your home.  We'll need a place for both the vet and tech to sit down, good lighting, and access to electrical sockets.  If you're a new client or have a new pet, we'll get all the information about them first.  We want to understand the relationships between you and your pet and your family so we can make recommendations that make sense.  

When everything is ready, we'll ask you to bring your pets one at a time to us for their exams and treatments.  Being Certified Fear Free, we do everything possible to make the vet experience a happy one for your pet.  We have cheese, Beggin Strips, Temptations, and baby food available to help distract pets from the procedures that may otherwise scare them.  We have towels that have been sprayed with either feliway or adaptil (calming pheromones), and we use minimal restraint as much as possible.  If your pet needs medications to help them relax, we can administer them as well.  But we don't fight or pin down your pet, it scares them and we don't want to do that!

Once each pet has been treated we'll discuss the exam results and develop a plan with you, answer any questions you have, etc.  If there are medications to be dispensed we'll get them ready.  We also get any lab samples ready to be sent, by spinning blood in our centrifuge.   Unless you say otherwise, we email the entire medical record for that visit to you.  We now have an online portal so that you always have access to your pets' records.  But we do still email the exam report to you.  

If you signed your pet up for a monthly wellness plan, we'll set that up for automatic payments.  You do save $60 by paying all at once if you prefer.   

You'll get a second email from us for your pet's heart worm prevention and flea/tick control, as well as any chronic medications your pet will need, from our online pharmacy.  If you wish to purchase those medications elsewhere, no problem, just go ahead and order them and the pharmacy will contact us for authorization.  We strongly recommend against using Allivet and Entirelypets online pharmacies because they have absolutely terrible service; others like Chewy, Petmeds, etc. are very good.  If you order from our pharmacy the charge will come through as from Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.  

A few days later you'll get a follow up email just to make sure everything went well and your pet is doing well as expected.  If you have any questions, you can always email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.  

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.  It's a lot easier on you when you know what to expect!