Why House Calls are AWESOME

  • Your pets are more comfortable at home.  

  • You don't have to go back and forth to the vet clinic, saving you time to do more important and fun things.  If you have multiple pets, you can save a TON of time by having us take care of all of them in one visit.  

  • Many pets don't like the car ride.  I'm looking at you especially, kitty cats!

  • The better we understand your pets in their own environment, the better help we can give you.

  • Your pet care team is able to devote our complete attention on just you and your pet.  We aren't distracted or interrupted by things going on in the hospital. 

  • No other animals around to stress out your pet.

  • Better exam results.  Seriously.  Stressed pets have higher heart rates, higher respiratory rates, higher temperatures, and tense muscles and abdomens making proper palpation and assessment difficult at best.  

  • Your pet care team isn't rushed trying to see as many patients as possible every day so they can pay for that beautiful hospital and all the expensive equipment.  

  • You get to stay with your pet for everything, providing comfort and treats.  During this stupid global pandemic most vet practices are not allowing clients into the clinic, you have to wait outside in your car.  Nobody likes that, especially your pet!

  • House calls are especially easy on pets and people with mobility issues.  

  • Better for the environment.  Instead of a bunch of employees and all the clients driving back and forth to the vet clinic, we use just one vehicle to see all of our patients.  And there's no clinic, saving all that energy too!

  • You get to tell all your friends that your vet sees your pet in your home.  They'll be so jealous! (Give them our card.)

About Our House Calls

Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic practices very thorough and comprehensive veterinary medicine.  We are not a good option for people who want cheap pet care.  Even our least expensive basic wellness package includes a full exam, all of the recommended vaccines according to your pet's specific lifestyle risks, a fecal parasite exam, plus dogs receive a heartworm test (and costs $169).  No vaccines are available without a wellness plan.  Exams for second opinions, illness, and so on, are $95 plus a house call fee ($20-50). 


Please note: we do not perform euthanasias except for our current patients.  

To get started as a new client, please call or email Ms Angel.  She will get some basic information to register you and your pets.  You will then receive a New Patient Information Form via email which must be completely filled out and returned to us prior scheduling your appointment.  We will contact your previous veterinarian to obtain your pet's complete medical history.  After reviewing your pet's history, understanding your pet's lifestyle, and preparing for their Fear Free care, Ms. Angel will contact you to schedule the appointment.  This process may take a few days.  

You will receive email and text messages reminding you about your appointment.  Please confirm the appointment so we know that you didn't forget.  Because of the extremely large number of people who want to be our clients, we had to institute a one-strike rule where if you cancel the appointment within 24 hours without a DARN good reason, or we show up to an empty house, you will not allowed to reschedule the appointment- ever.  Sorry but we are booking appointments 3-4 weeks in advance as it is.  Someone else would have loved to have their pet seen in the time wasted by a no-show or late cancellation.  

We set up IN YOUR HOME.  We can not stress this enough.  This is a HOUSE CALL service.  We require good lighting, an enclosed climate controlled area, room to work, electricity and outlets, and 2 places to sit.  We do not have a truck, we will not meet you in a parking lot or some other random place.


Dr. Meghan and Chelsea take care to keep your home clean.  We won't put your pets any place such as on tables or furniture where they are not allowed.  If you would like us to wear masks for COVID or take off our shoes before entering, we are more than happy to comply!

After the Fear Free exam, Dr. Meghan will discuss the results and what should be done about any abnormalities.  We can choose the most appropriate wellness plan once we have agreed on the plan.  You will be emailed a copy of the clinical summary once we have fecal test results at the end of the day if applicable.  Lab results are generally available the next day.  

All of our preventive medications such as heartworm and flea control are sold through our online pharmacy.  You are also welcome to use the pharmacy of your choice, we don't make that much money from the pharmacy so we really don't care where you get your pet's medications so long as it is all legit.  Urgently needed medications such as dewormers, pain meds, antibiotics as well as veterinary-specific medications such as ear and skin treatments are available for dispensing in your home.  You'll get an email from our online pharmacy about the medications recommended for your pet.  That way, if you decide to purchase elsewhere, you know exactly what to order.  We do not charge for written prescriptions nor for authorizing medications through other pharmacies.  Please be aware that due to NC law, we can only authorize prescriptions (including heartworm prevention and flea/tick control) for up to a year after the last exam.  Some medications have more stringent requirements.  

Because of our limitations as a house call practice, there will be times when you need to take your pet to an animal hospital.  Some examples include emergency or urgent care as we are not set up to handle these types of situations at any time.  If your pet's condition is serious, we may recommend a local hospital because the expected treatment needed is beyond our capabilities (dehydrated pets need IV fluids, for example).  We refer dentistry to local practices.  There are certain surgeries for which we recommend specific referral and specialty practices.  We have chosen to work with specific practices because they have similar high standards and we trust them to provide excellent care to your pet.  For referrals, we will provide the practice with complete medical records and any other required information prior to your arrival. 


In an emergency or urgent care situation, you can access your pet's recent records through our online portal.  You should also have the records we have emailed you after each of your pet's exams with us.  If you need records forwarded to another practice, please let us know and we'll get them emailed as quickly as possible.  Please be aware that if we are closed for vacation or holiday, there will be a delay in sending records.  

If you have any other questions about how Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic operates, feel free to contact Ms. Angel via email or phone.  She is more than happy to answer your inquiries.