Adult Cat Preventive Care Packages

If you are concerned about providing the best care for your cat, as well as getting the best value for your pet health care dollars, we can help you.  

Our Adult Cat BASIC Preventive Care Package is the same as any other hospital's annual exam and vaccine visit- minus the sticker shock.  Unless your cat has a problem that needs to be addressed during the exam, it's $99 per cat, plus your house call fee.  No matter how many vaccines your cat needs, you ALWAYS get a comprehensive examination and consultation, your cat ALWAYS gets a Fear Free Exam (sedation if required is additional), and your cat will get a Fecal Parasite Exam.  $99.  Our heartworm prevention and flea/tick control is sold separately online through covetrus; the prescriptions will be ready for you within 24 hours and delivered to your door within a week.  We chose covetrus because we can offer much better pricing online than us stocking these medications. This is the traditional pay as you go plan.  If your cat needs additional care during the year, there's another exam fee, house call fee, etc.  

You can upgrade your cat's care with the Adult Cat PLUS Preventive Care Package.  This package includes a second comprehensive examination and consultation at any time during the year.  We can schedule it as a 6-month checkup, or if your cat has a problem identified on the first exam, we can use the second exam as follow up.  You could use the second exam in case your cat gets sick.  However you want, it's no extra charge for the second exam, and the house call fee is included.  The only additional charges would be for services and prescriptions that aren't included in the package (for example, if your cat got an ear infection, you'd only pay for the medications, not for the exam and house call fee plus the medications).  The package also includes an Early Detection Lab Panel.  The Early Detection Lab Panel is exactly what it sounds like: it's a way for us to monitor organ function and to find potential problems before the cat starts feeling sick.  Changes from year to year with Early Detection Lab Panel can identify concerning trends - like increasing creatinine levels- so we can intervene before the test is even out of range, and WAY before your cat goes into kidney failure.  

With the PLUS package, you have the option to make automatic monthly payments for your cat's veterinary care.  You can read more about this option here.  In addition, you can purchase Add-On Packages, such as the popular Bug Busters Package.  Bug Busters includes 12 months of heartworm prevention, flea control, tick control, and intestinal parasite prevention.  You can add the Bug Busters Package to your monthly payments too!  

If you purchase the PLUS Package and just one Add-On, you get an EXTRA bonus of 10% off any additional services provided through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.  For example, if your cat already used up both exams, but got an ear infection, the WHOLE VISIT plus ALL medications and services is 10% off.  The only thing we can't discount is food because it's just not marked up high enough- we gotta make *some* money!

Adult Cat BASIC Preventive Care Package $99

Included in the Adult Feline Preventive Care Package:

  • One comprehensive examination and consultation with assessments in your cat's physical, nutritional, environmental, and behavioral health

  • PureVax FVRCP vaccine if needed

  • PureVax Feline Leukemia (FeLV) vaccine if needed

  • PureVax 1-year Feline Rabies Vaccine if needed

  • Fecal parasite exam

  • House call fee not included, additional $20-50

3-year PureVax Feline Rabies vaccine is available for $60 if desired, but there is nothing wrong with getting the one-year vaccine annually.  Monthly payments are not available with this package.  

Adult Cat PLUS Preventive Care Package

$300 or $25 per month

Includes everything in the Adult Cat Basic Package, PLUS

  • Semi-annual wellness examination

  • PureVax 3-year Feline Rabies Vaccine if indicated

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Chemistry Panel

  • SDMA Kidney test

  • Urinalysis

  • Thyroid Test

  • Both house call fees included

  • Enrollment in automatic payment plan if desired​

Save over $75

Add-On Packages Available to

PLUS Patients ONLY

All of these packages are eligible for our automatic monthly plan.  Plus you get 10% any other services or products purchased through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic except food.