Adult Cat Preventive Care Packages

If you are concerned about providing the best care for your cat, as well as getting the best value for your pet health care dollars, we can help you.  Each of our Adult Cat Preventive Care Packages ensures that your kitty is fully protected against the infectious diseases common in this area for which she is at risk. 

The Plus package includes a second exam and early detection (screening) lab work. A very thoughtful science-based discussion on screening lab work can be found here on SkepVet.  If lab work is recommended for your cat, we can help you choose the most cost-effective package for her health.  The Plus package is also good for any age cats who are already on medications for a stable chronic condition, like osteoarthritis or seizure disorder, where we're just making sure the medications aren't causing any damage to the liver, kidneys, or GI tract.  For patients who need more frequent exams and/or extra lab work, we have a special Chronic Disease or Senior Cat Package.  You can always upgrade a package to best suit your cat's changing needs.  

Many clients love the Optimal Package with heartworm prevention and flea/tick control included.  They find the automatic monthly payments make budgeting their cat's health care super easy and simple.  The added discount is a nice bonus!  

Adult Cat BASIC Preventive Care Package $99

Included in the Adult Feline Preventive Care Package:

  • One comprehensive examination and consultation with assessments in your cat's physical, nutritional, environmental, and behavioral health

  • PureVax FVRCP vaccine if needed

  • PureVax Feline Leukemia (FeLV) vaccine if needed

  • PureVax 1-year Feline Rabies Vaccine if needed

  • Fecal parasite exam

  • House call fee not included, additional $20-50

3-year PureVax Feline Rabies vaccine is available for $60 if desired, but there is nothing wrong with getting the one-year vaccine annually.  Monthly payments are not available with this package.  

Adult Cat PLUS Preventive Care Package

$300 or $25 per month

Includes everything in the Adult Cat Basic Package, PLUS

  • Semi-annual wellness examination

  • PureVax 3-year Feline Rabies Vaccine if indicated

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Chemistry Panel

  • SDMA Kidney test

  • Urinalysis

  • Thyroid Test

  • Both house call fees included

  • Good for Healthy Senior cats too!

Save over $75

Adult Cat OPTIMAL Preventive Care Package

$480 or $40 per month

Includes everything in the PLUS package, and

  • One year of heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention

  • One year of flea and tick control

  • 10% off additional services provided by Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic, such as additional examinations, medications, surgery, etc.  

  • Good for Healthy Senior cats too!

Save over $150!