Dog Preventive Care Packages

If you are concerned about providing the best care for your dog, as well as getting the best value for your pet health care dollars, we can help you.  

Dog BASIC Preventive Care Package $99

Included in the Adult Basic Canine Preventive Care Package:

  • One comprehensive examination and consultation

  • Prescriptions for heartworm prevention and flea and tick control to be purchased at the online pharmacy of your choice.

  • Renewal of any chronic medications your dog is taking for seizures, allergies, arthritis, etc.

  • Assessments and recommendations for your dog's physical, nutritional, environmental, and behavioral health

  • Vaccines as indicated: distemper/parvo combination, leptospirosis 4-way, kennel cough, rabies.

  • Heart worm test

  • Fecal parasite exam

  • House call fee is an additional $20-50

Canine Influenza vaccine is available for $60 if needed for boarding, grooming, or day care.  Monthly payments are not available for this plan.  

Dog PLUS Preventive Care Package

$300 or $25 per month

Includes everything in the Basic Package PLUS:

  • Second comprehensive exam

  • Canine Influenza vaccine if needed

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Chemistry Panel

  • SDMA Kidney Test

  • Urinalysis

  • Both house call fees are included

  • Eligibility for more cost-saving packages, including for preventive care

  • Enrollment in our automatic monthly payment plan 

  • Satisfies annual lab work requirements for certain chronic medications

  • This package is good for Healthy Senior dogs too!

Save over $75!

Additional Packages Available to PLUS Patients ONLY

All of these packages are eligible for our automatic monthly plan.  Plus you get 10% any other services or products purchased through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic except food.