Allergy Diagnostic Package

When I first moved to NC from Maryland, my dog Aleksander had an absolute allergy explosion.  He was managed OK in MD with a special diet and strict flea control, but as soon as we moved, he developed an almost constant need for prednisone.  That's not good for dogs long-term, and in fact his liver values were ever-increasing.  Without prednisone though he tore himself up, and there is nothing sadder than a half-naked husky!  I wasn't a vet yet by a long shot, and the wonderful vets I worked with were stuck in treating him.  There wasn't nearly the number of great non-steroid medications there are now back in 1999.  So I had to take Aleks to a veterinary dermatologist.  She did allergy testing and prescribed immunotherapy injections for him.  Thankfully it worked, and Aleks was no longer a pred junky.  But man, it was expensive, even back then over $600 for the testing and a couple hundred dollars more per year for his injections, not to mention the occasional flare up that invariably resulted in a vet visit and more medications.  

Allergies are one of the most common chronic problems we treat at Family Vet Mobile.  Even though we very rarely refer to a dermatologist because general practitioners have access to diagnostics and treatments now, the treatment cost for allergies hasn't really decreased over the years.  Thankfully there are a lot more options besides steroids now.  Still, a complete allergy workup including the exam, allergy testing, and some treatments is quite expensive.

So we created this package just for pets who need allergy testing and some help ASAP!  This package is available to our patients on the BASIC or PLUS preventive care package. 

What you get with the Allergy Diagnostic Add-On

  • Allergy testing- this simple blood test checks for allergies to food ingredients, external parasites, molds, grasses, pollens, other insects, etc.  

  • 4 more comprehensive exams to help deal with the inevitable ear and skin infections while we see what works best for your pet (there's a lot of trial and error)

  • A 10% discount on immunotherapy injections, allergy medications, and everything else our allergic patients need except the food (sorry)

  • This package is eligible for the automatic monthly payment plan

  • Your pet finally gets relief from itching and scratching and ear and skin infections

  • No more "wet fritos" smell in your home

  • No more constantly telling your pet not to chew/lick themselves all the time.

  • Your pet will look, feel, and smell so much better!

  • We strongly recommend the Bug Busters Dog Add-On or the Bug Busters Cat Add-On in conjunction with this plan because most pets are allergic to fleas as well as ingredients in heartworm prevention- we'll make sure your pet gets the right prescriptions.

  • You only need the Allergy Diagnostic Add-on once; next year we'll help you choose the best plan for your pet. 

This is a $630 plus value, but we're offering it at

$480 or $40/month.