Cat Preventatives Add-On

Internal and external parasite prevention is an extremely important part of your cat's continued good health.  Buying a year's worth of heartworm, intestinal parasite prevention, and flea/tick control can be a big hit on the wallet though.  We make it easy to budget with our Preventatives Add-On, which can be added to the Right Start Kitten Program or the Adult Cat PLUS Preventive Care Package.  As always, the product selection is made with you, so you the safest and most efficacious products in the form that is best for your family and your cat. 

Here's what you get with the Preventatives Add-on:

Heartworm Prevention- heartworms can be deadly and we are in a high-risk area.  Up to 30% of cats diagnosed with heartworm disease are indoor only!  There is NO medical cure for heartworms in cats and often the first sign that your cat has heartworms is they drop dead.  Seriously.  Learn more about heartworms in cats here.  

Hookworm prevention- hookworms can cause deadly anemia in kittens and chronic blood loss in adult cats.  Dr. Meghan has done blood transfusions for cats with severe hookworm anemia- at significant cost to the client, over $1000.  Hookworms also can infect people causing "ground itch."  Learn more about hookworms here.  

Roundworm prevention- roundworms are one of the few parasites that you can see without a microscope in your cat's feces or vomitus.  They look like spaghetti.  I don't know why all the grossest things in veterinary medicine are described as food but it's definitely a thing!  Roundworms can cause GI obstruction if there are enough of them- that's an emergency surgery!  They can also cause serious disease in people.  Learn more about roundworm infection in people and pets here.  

Flea control- fleas make cats itch and scratch resulting in skin infections that make the cat miserable.  Cats are good at grooming themselves so you may not even see a mild flea infestation, but hair loss around the top of the tail or around the neck is almost always due to fleas.  Fleas can transmit tapeworms which while non-pathogenic (for the most part) are REALLY gross.  And fleas are really hard to get rid of once they are in the environment.  It can take months and many dollars to rid your home of a flea infestation.  

People think that indoor only cats don't need flea control. They're wrong.  Fleas come inside on your dog, on you, or just hop in when you open the door.  The worst time for fleas is not in the summer as one would think, but in the fall to winter when the fleas REALLY want to find a nice warm home to spend the cold winter.  So stopping flea control in the fall or winter months often leads to an infestation by spring.  

Cat Scratch Fever (not to be confused with the Ted Nugent song)- is a disease caused by a flea-born bacteria Bartonella henselae.  It can affect both cats and humans, sometimes seriously.  There is no vaccine against this disease, so flea control is the only prevention.  Read more about it here.

Tick Control- there is only one tick-born disease that affects cats in this area, but it is a doozy.  Cytauxzoon felis, aka Bobcat Fever, causes severe liver disease, high fever, and the destruction of all types of blood cells- red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.  Without extremely fast diagnosis and VERY expensive treatment ($3000 to start) at a specialty hospital, most cats will die of this disease.  Pittsboro and Southern Pines are North Carolina's hotspots for this dreadful disease.  You can learn more about it here.  Obviously nobody wants their cats to suffer and possibly die from this disease, so tick prevention is absolutely vital.  For outdoor cats, we strongly recommend the Seresto Collar, which has been scientifically proven to kill ticks fast enough to prevent the transmission of Cytauxzoon.  

While cats are spared symptoms of the other tick-born diseases in this area, ticks from your cat can bite your family and cause serious disease.  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis are all transmittable from ticks from your cat to humans.  

You can add one year's worth of preventatives to your Right Start Kitten Program or the Adult Cat PLUS Preventive Care Package automatic monthly payment plan. 

The cost for this package depends on the prescription(s) chosen and the size of your cat.  It is purchased through our online pharmacy and medications are delivered right to your door.

To protect your cat and your family from these diseases,

the value is more than $5000!