Chronic Disease Add-On Package

We created this package as a complement to our PLUS dog and cat preventive care packages to help clients manage their pet's chronic disease easier.  We know you want to do the best for your pet but managing problems like allergies, arthritis, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, seizures, liver disease, and others can be a challenge.  When cared for proactively, we catch changes earlier and can make adjustments in your pet's treatment before they start to feel bad again.  In many cases we can also prevent you from having to take your pet to an urgent care or emergency hospital.  Even if your pet doesn't have a diagnosed chronic disease, it can provide a lot of peace of mind for our clients with elderly dogs and cats.  

This package is eligible for our automatic monthly payment plan.  You must purchase the PLUS dog or cat preventive care package first.  

What's Included in the Chronic Disease Add-On Package

  • Up to 4 additional comprehensive examinations (a total of 6 exams when including the 2 in the PLUS package)

  • A second complete set of lab work- CBC, chemistry profile, SDMA kidney test, urinalysis, T4 test if indicated.

  • 10% discount on all other services and products purchased through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic, except food.

  • This package is great for newly diagnosed arthritic patients, because they will need 2 sets of lab work for NSAIDs

Total Value is over $750, cost for package is

$360 or $30/month