Join Fear Free Pets at no charge and learn ways to make your pet's life happier for all kinds of situations.  They can even help you make vet care less scary with some simple training techniques!  

Doesn't your heart just break at how scared your pet can be getting veterinary care?  Sometimes the fear starts at home, trying to get a cat into a carrier for example.  Then they have to be pinned down for their exam and vaccines.  Sometimes the veterinarian even makes you help, and you feel so bad about doing that.  But you figure it's a necessary evil, your pet needs vet care, it has to be done.  

Let us show you a better way.  

It's one thing to claim compassionate care, it's something else for your entire pet care team to take over 60 hours of continuing education to be a Certified Fear Free Professional.  

With that training comes advanced knowledge in animal behavior, training methods for reducing FAS (fear, anxiety, stress), and even medications for pets who are really frightened.  Our Fear Free Exam Report records everything that your pet likes and dislikes about veterinary care, their favorite treats and distractions, and includes a plan to make every vet visit a happy one.  

Want to learn more about how Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is different from traditional animal hospitals and shot clinics? 

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