Diagnostic Imaging

X-rays and ultrasounds are performed by special arrangement at Small Animal Emergency Services in Vass.  They have kindly allowed us to lease their facility 1-2 times per month during specific week days when they are normally closed.  Besides our lease agreement, there is no other connection between Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic and Small Animal Emergency Services.  Neither party has any information regarding patients seen by the other business.  You must make an appointment through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic for these procedures.  

We do not have x-rays or ultrasound available with us in your home.  For this reason, if your pet's condition is urgent and most likely will need diagnostic imaging, we will refer you to a local general practice or emergency clinic.   

Patients can be either dropped off for their x-rays and/or ultrasound or you may wait if desired.  Some pets may have to be sedated for us to obtain diagnostic quality images.  Pets who are painful will be given medications to alleviate pain.  If needed, we can have a radiologist review the images to help us with your pet.