Dog or Cat Spay

Technically the procedure we perform is an ovariectomy, which means that we remove just the ovaries of the female dog or cat.  This makes the pet unable to get pregnant and they won't have any more messy or annoying heat cycles.  

Traditionally, the uterus was removed as well.  However research has shown that there is no additional benefit to removing the uterus during a routine spay.  It just makes the procedure more intensive for the patient.  Ask your veterinarian for more information on performing a ovariectomy versus the traditional ovariohysterectomy.  

Spays are done as close to just prior to a first heat cycle as possible.  For small breed dogs and cats, 5 months is a good time to spay.  For larger breed dogs, we schedule the procedure at around 9-18 months.  

Please check out our anesthesia safety page.  Your pet's comfort and safety is always our first concern. 

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