Dog Preventatives Add-On

Internal and external parasite prevention is an extremely important part of your dog's continued good health.  Buying a year's worth of heartworm, intestinal parasite prevention, and flea/tick control can be a big hit on the wallet, especially for larger dogs.  We make it easy to budget with our Preventatives Add-On, which can be added to the Right Start Puppy Program or to the Adult Plus Dog Preventive Care Package.  As always, the product selection is made with you, so you the safest and most efficacious products in the form that is best for your family and your puppy. 

Here's what you get with the Preventatives Add-on:

Heartworm Prevention- heartworms can be deadly and we are in a high-risk area.  Treatment is risky and expensive, over $1000.  The safest and cheapest plan is prevention.  Learn more about heartworms here.  

Hookworm prevention- hookworms can cause deadly anemia in puppies and chronic blood loss in adult dogs.  Dr. Meghan's dog Sirella has saved the life of multiple dogs who required immediate blood transfusions due to hookworms- at significant cost to the client, over $1000.  Hookworms also can infect people causing "ground itch."  Learn more about hookworms here.  

Roundworm prevention- roundworms are one of the few parasites that you can see without a microscope in your dog's feces.  They look like spaghetti.  I don't know why all the grossest things in veterinary medicine are described as food but it's definitely a thing!  Roundworms can cause GI obstruction if there are enough of them- that's an emergency surgery!  They can also cause serious disease in people.  Learn more about roundworm infection in people and pets here.  

Flea control- fleas make dogs itch and scratch resulting in skin infections that make the dog miserable.  They can transmit tapeworms which while non-pathogenic (for the most part) are REALLY gross.  And fleas are really hard to get rid of once they are in the environment.  It can take months and many dollars to rid your home of a flea infestation.  

Tick Control- not only do ticks transmit diseases to dog, most of those same diseases can be transmitted by the ticks to people too.  

Prevention of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever- RMSF is the most common tick-born disease in NC.  As someone who got RMSF from a tick that came from a dog with RMSF, I can say it totally sucks.  I felt like I had tried to run the IronMan Triatholon (I am not an athlete).  Also I went to bed without dinner, which almost made my husband call 911.  RMSF can be deadly if not treated early.  It's the same disease in dogs.  Tick control is the only prevention for this disease.  

Prevention of Lyme disease- while Lyme disease is not common here, it still isn't something we'd want our puppies or dogs to get.  Certain breeds are prone to a fatal version of Lyme disease called Lyme nephritis.  People get Lyme disease and it's a lot worse for us for the most part.  There is a Lyme vaccine for dogs but we don't carry it because it's not that common here.  Plus a dog that is on a good tick control program won't get Lyme disease.   You can read more about Lyme disease in people here, and in dogs here.  

Prevention of Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis- these are related tick-born diseases that infect blood cells and can cause terrible disease in both dogs and humans.  Most common is thrombocytopenia, or a decreased platelet count, leading to bleeding and clotting problems in dogs.  These diseases are a little different in people.  But there are no vaccines and therefore tick control is the only prevention.  You can read more about these diseases in dogs here and in people here.  

One more disease that is transmitted by ticks but is only recognized in humans is STARI or Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness.  It's similar to Lyme disease except without all the arthritis and neurological problems. It is not found in dogs.  However if your dog is not on tick control, he can transmit ticks to your family and make them sick.  

You can add one year's worth of preventatives to your Right Start Puppy Program or the Adult Dog PLUS Preventive Care Package automatic monthly payment plan. 

The cost for this package depends on the prescription(s) chosen and the size of your dog.  It is purchased through our online pharmacy.  Medications are delivered right to your door.

To protect your dog and your family from these diseases,

the value is more than $5000!