Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I meet you at the clinic or a parking lot?

No.  We are a home veterinary service only.  We do not have a physical building or a mobile veterinary truck.  We operate only in the comfort of your own home.  We need a climate-controlled area, good lighting, and electrical access for our equipment.  Chairs are greatly appreciated too!    

What does it cost for just a rabies vaccine?  

Vaccines are only available in our cost-effective Preventive Care Packages .  Learn more about our great value!  If you really only want to give your pet the bare minimum care, you'll have to find a rabies clinic.  

How much does it cost for you to spay or neuter my pet?

If your pet is in the Right Start Plus Puppy Program or the Right Start Plus Kitten Program, the spay or neuter is included with the package.  Otherwise, these  operations are charged at regular surgery prices, $400-600.  Surgery patients must have been examined by Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic within the last 30 days and be current on all preventive care. Some pets will also require additional pre-op testing based on the results of their examination.  Find out more about how we keep your pet safe and pain-free here


Low cost spay-neuter for dogs and cats is available at The Spay Neuter Clinic of the Sandhills.


Can you euthanize my pet?


We only euthanize current patients of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.  Arrangements are arranged in advance.  

Non-clients may try Lap of Love of the Triangle or Peak Performance Mobile Veterinary Services.


My pet is very sick or having an emergency situation.  Can you come right out?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our practice, we are unable to provide emergency or critical care services.  We simply don't have the equipment to immediately diagnose or the facilities to treat critically ill pets.  Your pet will be much better served at an emergency clinic or a local veterinary hospital. 


During regular business hours in Sanford we recommend Myres Animal Hospital.  For Southern Pines we recommend Pinehurst Animal Hospital.

After hours, weekend, and holiday emergencies for dogs and cats only, in both areas, we recommend Small Animal Emergency Services.  

For all other species, please go to Animal Emergency and Critical Care, 24/7.  

What payment methods do you accept?  Do you have payment plans?

We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, and CareCredit.   We offer monthly automatic checking account debits for certain Packages, arranged in advance.  We do not have payment plans for any other services, and we do not take checks.  

Can you groom my pet?

You don't want us to do that!  We are not groomers by any stretch of the imagination.  Unfortunately the only mobile groomer in Sanford had a wreck and is no longer doing mobile grooming.  There is a mobile groomer in the Southern Pines area called Dapper Dog Mobile Grooming but they are quite busy.