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Preventive Care Packages

*Canine Influenza and Feline PureVax 3-year Rabies vaccines are not included in any Preventive Care Packages.  They are available at $60 each.

Right Start Packages $495

Save over $125!  Includes thorough physical, nutritional, and behavioral exams every 3 weeks until your new family member is 18+ weeks of age, complete distemper-parvo (DAPP) or FVRCP vaccine series, 1-year rabies vaccine, plus any other vaccines needed according to your pet's risk factors*, routine deworming, all house call fees, and FeLV/FIV testing for kittens.  

Adult Preventive Care Packages $99

Includes physical, nutritional, behavioral, and environmental examination and consultation, up to 2 vaccines* based on your pet's individual risk factors, fecal parasite test, and heart worm test for dogs.  We use scientifically based extended duration of immunity protocols, so your pet is completely protected and never over-vaccinated.  

Senior Preventive Care Packages $249

Includes everything in the Adult Preventive Care Package, plus complete early detection lab work including CBC, chemistry profile, SDMA kidney test, urinalysis, and T4 thyroid test.  We can detect and manage most aging problems before your pet ever even feels sick.  Recommended for dogs over 8 and cats over 12 years of age.  

Sick Patient Care and Chronic Disease Management

When your pet doesn't feel good, the last thing you want to do is stress them out with a trip to the vet hospital.  We can treat most minor conditions such as pain, ear problems, skin issues, minor GI disease, and more right in the comfort of your own home.  Our diagnostic capabilities include comprehensive lab work with next-day results, cytology with immediate results, fecal testing with same day results, as well as routine testing such as heart worm and FeLV/FIV tests.  We can even dispense medications right in your home.  

For pets with chronic diseases such as arthritis, allergies, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and other ailments, we provide continuous care.  You are always free to call, email, or text us questions about your pet's condition.  Unless your pet's condition significantly changes, we can usually make minor treatment adjustments without another home visit and exam fee.  

Please note that because our lab results are not available until the next day, and we do not have x-ray capability, we are NOT able to treat emergency or critical care patients.  We will refer your pet to the best local care possible, and follow up with you to make sure your family member is on the road to recovery.  


Behavior Medicine

Most behavior problems are NOT going to be solved by training.  Why?  Because training does not help your pet with fears and phobias, or any other underlying cause of the behavior.  Your pet needs a thorough behavioral consultation and evaluation, a diagnosis of the cause of the problem(s), and behavior modification, sometimes also medications. 


No medication is going to solve the problem alone.  Pets with fears and phobias need to "unlearn" their response and learn a different response (technically it's called desensitization and counter-conditioning).  This is where the real work begins.  You have to work with your pet in a carefully designed behavior modification program to achieve real results.

We can help pets with thunderstorm and other noise phobias, aggression of any kind, house soiling, destructiveness, separation anxiety, and more.  Ask us how you can help your pet live a much happier life with you and your family!