Mass or Lump Removals

If your pet has a mass or lump and you're worried about it, give us a call.  We'll come out to your home and do a full exam, as well as a fine needle aspirate and cytology to see if the mass is fat, infection, cancer, or something else.   We'll  make sure your pet's preventive care is up to date and complete any pre-anesthetic lab work during that visit.  You'll get an estimate for the cost of the procedure, which will usually include a histopathology.  Surgeries are scheduled once a month at Small Animal Emergency Services in Vass.  Your pet will be dropped off in the morning usually between 9-10 am and will go home that evening.  Pain medication is always included with all of our procedures, and you'll get complete discharge instructions for caring for the surgery site.  

Please check out our anesthesia safety page.  Your pet's comfort and safety is always our first concern. 

Read more about surgery here.