Our Mission

The purpose of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is to revolutionize everything about how veterinary care is delivered by nurturing relationships with pets, clients, employees, colleagues, and communities.  We firmly believe that pets are happier to receive veterinary care in the comfort of their home, and that all pets deserve that comfort.  We know that pets receive better care when clients are in a trusting, respectful, understanding, and fun relationship with the veterinary care team.  Employees with a stellar work-life balance, awesome compensation, who are developed to be the best versions of themselves bring nothing but joy and excellence in all of their work.  In an era of intense competition and corporate takeovers of veterinary practices, we bring collaboration to local practices for our mutual benefit.  Each relationship strengthens us, inspires us to be better, and brings us joy. As our company grows, our relationships will inspire the change that is needed across the veterinary industry, for the benefit of the entire pet-loving community.  

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Vision Statement

Family: It’s not just our name, it’s how we do things.


From the core of our existence, we focus on the enhancing the relationships that sustain joy in our lives, both individually and between our company and the world community.


We provide relationship-based veterinary care to pets in the comfort of their own home throughout the Sanford and Southern Pines areas of North Carolina. The services we offer allow us to help prevent and manage diseases and conditions so that pets live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.


Our company serves the lives of our client families, our company family, and our community.  


Serving our Client Families: providing veterinary preventative care, behavior medicine, and chronic disease management from a whole health perspective with the focus on the relationship between the pets, each other, and their family.  Our personal care means that clients always speak to the people who are caring for their pet.  


Serving our Family Members: providing our members with the education, training, equipment, support, as well as above average compensation and a stellar work schedule to ensure they can enjoy their relationships outside of work and have the excellent quality of life they deserve.  Our company is built from the ground up, with the people who are delivering care and providing services directing what protocols, equipment, training, etc. are needed to serve the patients, clients, veterinarians, and company better.    


Serving our Communities: FVMC is committed to social and economic justice.  Just like most professions, the veterinary field suffers from a gender wage gap of approximately 21%.  The entire industry struggles with low pay, long hours, and increased stress.  Therefore FVMC pays 21% more on average than the published compensation for the field despite working 4 days per week.  We are a firm believer in non-discrimination based on color, race, religion (creed), ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, etc.  in all aspects of our business.


Our company is transparent in its operations.  Our family members have access to our total company and their own location financial statements.  We share our in-house research through both peer-reviewed journal articles and newsletters so that all veterinary practices, clients, and patients may benefit.


Recognizing that we limit our services, we form partnerships with local veterinary practices so our patients and clients can be served at any time and for any service they need.  This is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances the client experience as well as the care the pet receives.  It also bucks current trends of practices seeing each other as competition instead of colleagues.  Cooperation ensures the patient is treated by the most capable veterinary team possible, improving patient outcomes.  In this we endeavor to raise up not just FVMC but also every veterinary practice so we can all enjoy the benefits of better relationships.