Have you been frustrated with health care providers who don't seem to be really listening to you?  Or gotten tired of having to explain the situation over and over again to each person in the clinic?  You feel like you or your family member (human or otherwise) is just a condition and not a unique individual.

There is a movement in both human and veterinary medicine called narrative based medicine.  This is different from evidence-based medicine, which is what most doctors and veterinarians practice.   Evidence-based medicine reduces your concerns to a list of symptoms, possible causes of the symptoms, a diagnostic plan, and then a treatment plan.  It has nothing to do with you, really. 


Narrative-based medicine allows you to tell your story.  What your concerns are, what your goals for treatment are, what problems you may have with specific treatments, and so on.  Basically, it's all about you or the individual you're caring for.

Relationship-centered veterinary care is a form of narrative based medicine founded on the recognition that YOU are the expert in your pet's care.  That is why we ask so many questions about your pet's lifestyle and relationships within the family.  We want to understand it all so we can help you and your pet better.  

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