Stupid Pandemic

So, here we are, with orders to shelter in place now state-wide due to COVID-19. Please keep safe, stay home if at all possible.

And if you are working, thank you all.

Those of you in the human health care field, whether you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, receptionist, janitor, maker of medical devices or products; if you are in the warehouses or delivery chains; if you are caring for someone who is sick or providing care to someone else because their own caretaker is sick, thank you.

Those of you keeping us fed, whether you are a farmer, fisher, distributer, packager, driver, stocker, clerk, cashier, butcher, veterinarians keeping our food supply safe, or maker of foods, thank you. Though I have to admit I may be doing a lot more fattening of my curves vs flattening the curve; at least I'm fed!

Fattening the curves

Flattening the curve

Those of you trying to do what's right in the face of so many unknowns, from business owners trying to keep workers employed, to people in government figuring out how to care for those who won't have any income, thank you. Did I just thank politicians?!

Those of you who are trying to keep us from going crazy, anyone in the entertainment business, who made the apps and internet that keep us connected despite the social distancing, thank you. I just thanked the cable companies. These are strange times!

Mostly to those of you in our community who are doing the best you can under circumstances we just never imagined, thank you for not losing your stuff. To that end, a special shout out to our purveyors of beer, wine, and liquor, who have been creatively keeping us in good humor. Here Here!

Now for more serious business...

Veterinary services have been designated as essential services by the governor Roy Cooper. And rightfully so. While COVID-19 does not cause disease in animals, pets still require medical care, the food supply still needs inspectors, zoo animals still need their treatments, etc. Many of us, myself included, are leaning on our beloved pets to help us through these difficult times. So we have to make sure that they are healthy and fit for the job.

Chelsea and I really want you all to stay home if at all possible. Most veterinary practices are frankly overwhelmed with keeping up with the intense cleaning and disinfecting, and with the inevitable slow downs of providing curb-side care to keep everyone safe. And as such they are not able to see pets that normally they'd want to see right away. They have more urgent pets to treat. Even a few weeks ago, we were seeing a lot more "routine" problems at the emergency clinic, such as ear and skin problems, because pet parents were not able to be seen with their regular veterinarian. Believe me, I am positive that they wanted to help, but everyone is overwhelmed.

So let's help out our regular veterinary practices so pet parents don't have to go to the emergency clinic for minor treatments. If your pet has a mild problem, such as ear or skin issues (and who doesn't now that allergy season is upon us), give us a call. We can help. Stay home. There's no need to venture out right now.

Dr. Meghan and Chelsea are going to be wearing masks, washing hands, disinfecting everything everyone touches, keeping our own stuff on a fresh clean towel, all in efforts to protect each other. We have been pulling off the social distance thing like champs. Introverts have a way of excelling at these kinds of challenges.

We ask you to PLEASE reschedule your appointment with us if anyone in the house hold is sick with respiratory signs and/or fever. We can not risk becoming Typhoid Marys and transmitting this disease to our other clients.

If you are already a regular client, we may be able to help you via telemedicine. We are not legally allowed to establish a veterinarian-client-patient relationship via telemedicine, which means that we aren't permitted to diagnose and treat new problems without an in-person exam. However we can follow up with current patients via telemedicine as needed.

It's going to be a long couple of months. We will get through it together. If anything significantly changes with Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic, or with what we know about COVID-19 and pets, we'll be sure to let you know.

Most important, be kind, and wash your hands!

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