Welcome to Our Family

I’m starting this blog so we can keep in touch with you, our customer family. While it’s great to see you a couple of times per year, it seems we have a lot of catching up to do when we visit, and there’s never enough time. Plus there is just so much information we want to share with all of you, we’d never stop talking!

I thought I’d start now with a topic near and dear to my heart- vaccination. There’s a LOT of information and unfortunately mis-information about vaccines and how they work, adverse effects, how often they’re needed and why, that I figured it would be a good start. Plus I know that whenever we get new clients, they look at me like I’ve got 3 heads when I say their adult pet doesn’t need another distemper/parvo vaccine or another FVRCP vaccine. For the record, I’ve got only one head, see?

OK there are 2 heads here but only one is mine. The other is Tatyana (RIP) my heart-dog.

Next week we'll talk about over-vaccination and why it makes me say "grrrr."

Log in and talk about these posts. Tell us what you think, what questions you have, what you want to talk about next, what have you been up to lately, share pictures of your fur-babies, whatever you want! It's supposed to be fun, maybe a little informative too, but mostly fun.

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