Wellness Plans

You want wellness plans that are upfront, easy to understand, and budget friendly?  You got it!

If you have to cancel your wellness plan for any reason, we'll calculate your benefits based on regular prices, as well as what you've paid in so far.  If we owe you, you'll get a check or credit card refund immediately.  If you still owe us, you can continue to make the monthly payments until the balance is paid. 


Right Start Kitten

Special package for kittens includes all of their initial vaccines, testing, exams, house calls and more!


Right Start Puppy

Special package for puppies that includes all of their initial vaccines, testing, exams, house calls, and more!

Adult and Senior
Dog and Cat Wellness Plans

Basic Plan

$169 plus house call fee

Includes one visit with exam and vaccines, fecal test, heartworm test.

Plus Plan

$259 includes house call

Includes 3 extra exams and house calls throughout the year.  Monthly payments available.

Premium Plan

$469 Includes unlimited exams and house calls, and one set of early detection lab work per year.  Plus 10% off services and products.  Monthly payments available.

Ultimate Plan
6 months

$639 Includes unlimited exams and house calls plus  2 complete sets of lab work and a 10% discount off services and products. Monthly payments available.