Dog Training and Behavior Treatment

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Dog Basic Training

Group and private courses now available

Training Problems

Jumping up, leash pulling, etc.

Behavior Problems

Treating aggression, fears, anxieties.

Not sure if your dog needs behavior medicine or training?  Jael can help!  Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation and she will help you make the right decision for your dog.

In general, if your dog's problem behavior is based on fear or anxiety, or has any sort of aggression, it is a behavior problem, not a training problem.  

Behavior problems are rooted in inappropriate emotional responses, such as fear of thunderstorms, or separation anxiety.  Treatment involves managing the triggers, desensitization, counter-conditioning, and sometimes medications to relieve anxiety. 


Training problems are due to your dog simply not understanding what is expected of them in a particular situation.  Just as in people, individual dogs learn in different ways.  You just may need to take a different approach, and Jael can help you find what works.