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Dr. Meghan Ellis

I am the founder and owner of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.  

There was a bit of a twisted path to my starting FVM.  I grew up thinking I'd be an architect.  I love how functional design helps people live and work happier, more in harmony with their surroundings, more efficiently, and just better.  However I was disillusioned in my first year of college where weird for weird's sake seemed to be the theme of the day.  Also, drafting is laborious and tedious.  It turns out, I like the design aspect of architecture but not the actual work it entails.  

I quit school at that point because I didn't see a point in taking random classes with no goal.  And I really had no goal.  I felt purposeless, and drifted into a bunch of dead-end jobs.  After a lot of soul-searching, I decided I wanted to do something with plants, or something with animals.  

Then my first iguana, Lee-Zard, got sick.  Like, REALLY sick, as in emergency surgery or death sick.  I had a heck of a time finding an exotics animal veterinarian who could do the surgery she needed.  And the one I did find was horrible.  First, she told me that she "didn't cut lizards."  OK no pet owner wants to envision someone CUTTING their family member.  Surgery is scary enough!  Then she told me it would be better to let her die and just get a new iguana.  WTF.  Seriously.  A person who had sworn to alleviate animal suffering just told me to let my iguana to continue to suffer and die.  

Well, that made me REALLY mad.  Mad enough to decide right then and there to be an exotics animal veterinarian and help owners of weird pets take great care of them.  Oh, Lee-Zard had surgery with a different vet and lived for another several years, so happy ending there!

I quit my dead-end job and took a HUGE pay cut to be a veterinary assistant.  I was happy for the opportunity because I never had a job working with animals before and I loved it.  I loved the people I worked with and I loved the people who brought their pets to the vet and of course I loved the animals.  I was hooked.  I started taking night classes in addition to my full time job, getting the pre-requisites I needed to apply to vet school.

My husband Dave got transferred from MD to NC at some point in this process.  I got another vet assistant job at Animal Hospital of Carrboro working under Dr. Charles Ward.  This place was the bomb.  I learned so much, I was challenged every day to increase my knowledge and skills.  The Wards (Beth, Dr. Charles' wife, was the Hospital Administrator) had built a wonderful culture and practice, one that inspired people to go even further than they thought they could in the veterinary field.  I was the 32nd employee who they sent to vet school- all of them successful.  I graduated from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 with a concentration in Zoological Medicine.

My first vet job was at Animal Hospital of Fayetteville, a low cost high volume clinic.  There, I honed my surgery skills very quickly (kinda had to- there were often 20 surgeries scheduled for my 5 hour block) and administered a LOT of vaccines.  But I wasn't able to develop relationships with people because of the fast paced nature of the clinic.  

Frustrated with that, I decided to start my own practice in Sanford.  It was a good hospital with excellent people- both employees and clients.  However the daily grind, working 6-7 LONG days per week, and the absolutely unreal costs of the hospital combined with little money left over for me really started to take its toll.  I wasn't seeing my family and friends as often as I needed to.  I was financially stressed.  At some point, it just became clear to me that the hospital wasn't really what I wanted and it just wasn't worth it any more.  

I also didn't feel like I was doing anyone any favors trying to be an expert in preventive care, infectious diseases, internal medicine, emergency medicine, endocrinology, cardiology, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, behavior medicine, urology and nephrology, anesthesiology, etc.  In fact, the only thing I felt like I was an expert in was burnout.  


What I decided was to prove that veterinary medicine can be a fun, fulfilling, financially rewarding, profession with great work-life balance.  So I started Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic for that purpose.  

  • Been in the veterinary field since 1997

  • Level 3 Fear Free Certified

  • Member of the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior

  • Member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

I live in downtown Sanford with my husband, Dave, and 3 dogs.  Favorite activities are grilling and chilling, gardening, and anything on, in, around, or under water.  

Chelsea Seguine, RVT


I’ve had a passion for animals and knew I wanted to work with them since I was 4 years old. I have worked in veterinary medicine since high school. After working at PetSmart, I’ve been a veterinary assistant/technician for about 18 years. I moved to NC from NJ in 2010 to pursue my career and goal of tech school. I graduated from Gaston College Vet Med program in 2013 and have been a registered vet tech since 2014.  I have a dog named Bear and we enjoy hiking & camping. I enjoy volunteering for a church organization and visiting NC State Parks.

Chelsea has been with Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic since the very beginning!

  • Been working in the veterinary field since 2001

  • Registered Veterinary Technician since 2014

  • Elite Level Fear Free Certified

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Krista Marlin, RVT
Krista Marlin.jpeg

I moved to NC from VA beach in 1995 to go to NC state for vet school.  Family came first so school was put off for many years. Military life had us moving around, worked in veterinary clinics in Illinois and Hawaii then ended back in NC.  Got my RVT in 2020 as I decided that's where I'd rather be doing and specialize where my passions are which is emergency and surgery.  I have two wonderful grand sons that occupy my time along with my horses. 

Krista has been our surgery technician since February 2020, making sure your family members are safe and comfortable with anesthesia.

  • Been working in the veterinary field since 1991

  • Registered Veterinary Technician since 2020

  • Fear Free Level 2 Certified

Ms. Angel McKeithan

I have been around animals as far back as I can remember, from cats and dogs, to rabbits and hogs.  With that being said, one can tell I am fond of pets.  My 35 years of customer service consists of banking, patient service representative, financial assistant, and former head receptionist at Small Animal Emergency Services. I enjoy Bible study, spending time with family, and walking.

Ms. Angel is our newest family member, having just joined us in June 2021.  She is our Customer Service Representative.

  • Been in customer service for over 35 years

  • Experienced in veterinary triage 

  • Fear Free Certified Level 1