Senior Cat Care Package

$300 or $25 per month

For cats 12 years and older

If you want to reward your older cat for the years of love and joy they brought to your family, make sure they are taken care of with our Senior Cat Care Package.  

We will guide you into helping your senior cat age gracefully, comfortably, and happily through proper preventive care, nutrition, diagnostics, supplements, environmental modifications, and medications.  Our Senior Cat Care Package ensures the best care by including the following:

  • 2 Comprehensive examinations and quality of life consultations

  • 2 house call fees

  • One Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • One Chemistry Profile

  • One Urinalysis

  • One T4 Thyroid Test

  • One SDMA Kidney Test

  • All vaccines needed

  • One fecal parasite test

  • Prescriptions for heartworm prevention, flea and tick control, intestinal parasite control for you to order from any online pharmacy

  • Any other prescriptions your cat needs to order through any online pharmacy

  • Enrollment in our automatic monthly payment plan if desired

If you purchase any add-on packages such as Bug Busters, you will also be eligible for 10% off all additional products and services purchased through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic except food. 

Seniors with chronic disease like Chronic Kidney Disease will benefit from our Chronic Disease Add-On package as well.