Services and Prices

Part of our Fear Free experience is for YOU to know what to expect!  

There is one house call fee per visit (not per pet) depending on your location, $20-50 additional.  

We are more than happy to see ALL your pets at one visit to save you time and money.  

Preventive Care Packages

Click on any bold underlined item below to find out about the great value these packages offer!

Right Start Puppy Program                             $480

Right Start Kitten Program                              $480

BASIC Dog Preventive Care Package             $99

BASIC Cat Preventive Care Package              $99

PLUS Dog Preventive Care Package              $300

PLUS Cat Preventive Care Package               $300

Senior Dog Care Package                               $300

Senior Cat Care Package                                  $300

Chronic Disease Add-On                                 $360

Allergy Diagnostic Add-On                              $480

Bug Busters Dog Add-On                              varies

Bug Busters Cat Add-On                               varies

Please Don't Litter Add-On                            $360

Happy Puppy, Good Puppy Add-On             $150+

Other Services

Due to the nature of our practice,

we can not provide emergency or critical care services.  

Euthanasia is only offered to patients currently under our care.

Sick Pet Examination                                      $75

Diagnostic Lab Panels                     start from $195

In-House Cytology                                             $65

Other send-out lab testing is available, prices vary


Initial Behavioral Consultation                      $250


Surgeries start at $350, must be a current patient 

Estimates are provided after examination


X-rays                                                start from $145


Abdominal Ultrasound                    starts from $220                            

Urgently needed medications such as pain relief and antibiotics can be dispensed right in your home. 

Heartworm prevention, flea and tick control, and long-term medications are available through our

online pharmacy at a competitive price.  

You may also choose to fill your medications at any other online pharmacy.

  Some medications are available through local human pharmacies.