Chronic Disease Management

It can be difficult when your pet has a non-curable diseases that require constant management.  Many pets suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, allergies, etc.  We make it easy for you to help your pet at home.  Our comprehensive treatment plans based on best current scientific guidelines ensure you are staying on top of your pet's issue to prevent worsening.  You'll always know what to expect, what to watch out for, what to do in case of changes in your pet's condition, and why we do what we do.  In many cases, we can help manage chronic problems with telemedicine as well.  You aren't going this alone, we are available via email, phone, or text to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible.  Because that what Family does!

If your pet has a chronic condition, we will evaluate previous veterinary records if applicable, and perform an initial examination and consultation to assess their current status.  Then you'll receive recommendations for medications, supplements, diet, and other therapies to help your pet enjoy the best quality of life possible.  

Our PREMIUM and ULTIMATE plans are perfect for pets with chronic conditions.  They include unlimited exams and house calls, lab work, and discounts off medications, and discounts off additional services.  Check out the annual PREMIUM plan and the 6-month ULTIMATE plan!