Spays and Neuters

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Spay/Neuter Services Included

Medications to be given at home to reduce nausea and anxiety for the car ride

Day hospitalization at Small Animal Emergency Services


  • Sedative to reduce dose of more risky gas anesthesia

  • Opioid to prevent pain before it starts

IV catheter and IV fluids

  • Lidocaine gel on IV catheter site for less painful catheterization

  • IV fluid administration for blood pressure support

  • Emergency IV access if needed

  • Allows for induction with less risky IV medications

IV induction

  • We don't use masking down with gas because it is extremely stressful to the patient and it requires massive doses of gas anesthesia, which has the highest rate of negative side effects of all the drugs we use.  

  • The medications used for your pet depends on their specific risk factors.


  • Provide a direct route to the lungs for delivery of oxygen and gas anesthesia

Anesthesia Monitoring

  • We monitor your pet's temperature, heart rate, oxygenation saturation, respiratory rate, carbon dioxide levels, and EKG throughout the entire procedure.

  • Your pet is kept comfortable and safe by experienced Registered Veterinary Technicians 

Surgical Clip and Prep

Local Nerve Blocks to prevent pain at the location of surgery, using medications similar to Novicaine

Surgeon's Fee

Materials Fee includes sutures, blades, sharps and hazardous waste disposal

Post-op Pain Injection- A 24 hour dose of a pain medication is administered so you don't have to worry if your pet is too tired to eat right away to get oral pain medications

Pain medication to go home- your vet chose the safest and most effective medication for your pet's post-op comfort.  Sedatives may also be prescribed depending on your pet's personality.  

Additional Spay/Neuter Benefits

  • No worries about disgusting or obnoxious heat cycles in female dogs and cats.

  • Eliminate the risk of an unwanted litter of puppies or kittens and all the time and costs associated with raising them until they can be adopted out.

  • Eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer in female dogs and cats.

  • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer in male dogs and cats.

  • Dramatically reduces risk of breast cancer in female dogs and cats if spay is performed before the first heat cycle.

  • Reduced urine marking in male dogs and cats.

  • Reduced urge to roam in male dogs and cats where they can get hit by car, shot, etc.

  • Your pet care team will discuss the best time to spay or neuter your pet- timing is everything!

We only do surgeries on our current patients.  Cost for a spay is about $500-600 depending on size of the pet.  Cost for dog neuter is about $400-500, and cat neuter is around $300. Price includes everything- surgery, anesthesia, and all medications.  Puppies and kittens on the Right Start plan get 10% off!

For healthy dogs and cats with no anxiety issues, the Sandhills Spay Neuter Clinic in Vass is very reasonably priced.