These procedures are performed by special arrangement at Small Animal Emergency Services in Vass.  They have kindly allowed us to lease their facility 1-2 times per month during specific week days when they are normally closed.  Besides our lease agreement, there is no other connection between Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic and Small Animal Emergency Services.  Neither party has any information regarding patients seen by the other business.  You must make an appointment through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic for these procedures.  

We understand that it's difficult to leave your pet for surgery.  We invite you to check out our anesthesia safety protocols for everything we do to keep your pet safe and pain-free for their procedure.  When we schedule the surgery, please ask us any questions you have.  Our goal is for you to trust that your pet is receiving the best care at all times.  


The procedures we perform typically are non-emergency dog and cat spays and neuters, and mass removals.   You will be given an estimate for the procedure during your pet's examination prior to the surgery.  If there is lab work required, that is done in advance so we have the results available for proper anesthesia planning.  

Learn more about the specific surgeries and our anesthesia protocols by clicking on a link below.