Happy Puppy, Good Puppy Package

Positive-based training is one of the most important ways to get your new puppy off to the Right Start.  It will help your puppy integrate into polite society with confidence.  Animals trained with positive reinforcement happily do what you ask, versus an animal trained with punishment or correction who only obeys because they fear the consequences of not doing what is asked.  And let's face it, you got a new puppy to have a joyful relationship with it, not to have it scared of you!

It took a long time but we finally found trainers in Sanford and Southern Pines who use exclusively positive training methods.  These trainers are current on animal behavior science and know how to apply these concepts to help you train your puppy.  Your puppy will learn basic commands such as sit, come, and stay.  You will learn how to do basic home pet care such as trimming nails, brushing, and other procedures without force or stress to your puppy.  Your trainer will also discuss normal puppy behaviors and what to do to help them through the teething stage without losing your furniture or shoes for example.  The trainers will also teach you how to properly socialize your puppy, even in the age of COVID.  They will also start to address any behavioral problems early, before they become serious.  

We do not add on any fees for our training program, these are the trainers' regular prices and services.  However you can package the fees up into our automatic monthly payment plan to make the costs easier to budget.  Additional sessions with the trainers can be purchased directly through them if needed.  Both trainers work directly with you and your puppy, in your home.  

The trainer for Southern Pines is Abby Ganin-Toporek from Sandhills Dog Training910-673-0074.  Her puppy package is for 4 sessions and costs $250.

The Sanford trainer is Melissa Lucas from Come, Sit, Stay.  919-499-9440.  She charges $50 per session for puppies, for 3 sessions at $150.

If you have other dogs who would benefit from training you can arrange with them directly.  They are both awesome and they do things Right!