Training Problems

Training problems can result in some pretty unsavory behaviors from your pets, but they are not rooted in an unhealthy emotional state like true behavior problems.  For example, my husky Annika lunges like a freak on a leash when she sees other dogs on our walks.  She isn't afraid of those dogs, she wants to play with them.  That's a training problem, not a behavior problem, because she isn't being aggressive, just overly exuberant.  Her emotional state is happy and excited not fearful or aggressive.  The training goal is for her to walk through instead of trying to interact with every dog we encounter on our walks.  

Behavior problems, rooted in fear or anxiety, are not going to be solved with training.  But training problems, such as uncontrolled greetings and pulling on a leash, can be fixed with positive reinforcement.  Ask Jael what you can do to help your pet during a free 15-minute consultation.  We're here to help!